About the project

The Project

Sailing dental clinic assists the needy around the world!

The presence shows us that many people are in desperate need of help. Every day thousands of people flee to Europe and are evidence of the destitution and poverty in our world.

All who flee to Europe and mainly those who flee to Germany is taken care of. They receive shelter, food, clothes and medical care.

But with all the help these people receive, we must not forget the poor and needy far out somewhere in the world far away from civilization who vegetate without any medical assistance.

Help is also needed outside Europe.

Therefore my son and I have set ourselves the goal to help needy people with dental problems uncomplicated and free of charge in poor and hard-to-reach regions of this earth.

Since over 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water, it’s obvious that most of its population can only be reached by water.

It’s rather pointless for our project to hit the road with a VW Bus packed to the brim with everything that is needed for dental care. Due to the enormous water surfaces, we would reach our limits very quickly. And three people together with all the equipment in a VW Bus would be counterproductive.

Hence we want to get on our way to the people in need with a catamaran equipped specifically for dental treatments.

As we all know that a catamaran is driven forward through wind power, we save loads of fuel in contrast to a VW Bus and also protect (exhaust gases) the environment.

We opted for a catamaran because of the more stable sail characteristics, lies steady in the water which is perfect during treatments, offers enormous space, can beach and dry out without taking damage, and facilitates searching for a suitable berth due to the shallow draft (only 1.50m / 4’11”).

Our catamaran will be equipped with a complete mobile dental clinic including patient chair, x-ray unit, sterilizer, instruments, etc.

As this relief campaign is planned for several years, a lot of dentists agreed to accompany us for a period of minimal 6 months each.

Our intention is to offer the following treatments on board:

  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Extractions
  • X-Ray
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Calculus removal
  • Periodontitis treatments
  • Small repair of dental prostheses

The treatments will be carried out on the aft deck beneath the helm station.

In addition we’ll offer a comprehensive education campaign communicating dental care and hygiene in schools and kindergartens, especially for teachers.

We conduct our activities solely on a humanitarian basis and do not work for an organization with high administrative costs. Instead we work where the wind takes us, mostly off the beaten paths, where we find the patients we are looking for to help.

Although we follow a common thread (sailing route), we determine our current course depending on the situation at hand, as we are free and independent, and do not need to adhere to strict schedules.

The higher the demand for help in the areas we are going to, the longer we will stay.

But why "Osorno"? We gave our project the name Osorno for a very specific reason. It is named after the Osorno, a 2,652 meters high volcano located in the south of Chile. The volcano can already be seen from many kilometers away, and we expect a similar effect from the relief campaign.

We want to become an institution that can already be seen "from afar" and thus give hope to the needy and signal them that help is on its way. In addition, the project should have a name that is still relatively fresh and unknown.

In order to fund this project, we need your support.

This is where crowdfunding comes in. Crowdfunding is a sympathetic way of financing a project and allows for direct contact between backers and project initiators.

Our crowdfunding campaign will be the epicenter where you can contribute and get your unique and special rewards from us in return. Not only money will help us make this all happen, but also your personal participation will back the project.

Currently our team is working hard on promoting the project and spreads the word in social networks and other media engaging potential contributors for early momentum. It is likely that this brought you here. That’s great!

As soon as the campaign is live, we will update all our channels accordingly including the news blog, twitter, facebook and the like. Follow us on your favorite social network or simply subscribe to our free news feed to stay updated. Nevertheless, you can help us out tremendously by sharing this project with your friends.

What follows are in-depth details about the project, what you may expect from it and how we are going to attract and strengthen the interest of international media.

Keep on reading for more details…

Litfaß column

On April 15, 1855, the first advertising column of its kind was installed in Berlin, Germany. Its inventor, the German printer Ernst Theodor Amandus Litfaß, hated the “wild and useless” fly-posting.

To work against the pervasive clutter he wanted to define designated areas where people could legally attach their advertisements and thus the Litfaß column was created.

His thesis was: “Only a noticable and designated advertising space has a sustainable effect”.

This is how we came up with the idea of the sailing Litfaß column.

Never before has there been a yacht sailing around the globe whose exterior surface is covered with countless images.

No matter what the imagery on the yacht is supposed to express. Wherever we enter a harbor or in whichever bay we anchor, the media will immediately get wind of our arrival and visit us.

The awareness of our yacht and the view on the individually designed spaces associated therewith creates a major advertising effect.

Mr. Litfaß reached with his columns only the residents in Berlin and Paris.

We, however, reach the whole world with our sailing Litfaß column!!!

Radio and television stations are going to report about our project. Our circumnavigation will be accompanied by the on- and offline media. Everybody will jump at the chance for an interview with us.

Lucky is who claims his very own advertising space on our yacht betimes.


By utilizing one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms, we reach out to a global audience and build a community of supporters who will not only help to make it all happen, but also assist to make it happen at its best.

As already mentioned, crowdfunding is a sympathetic way of financing a project and allows for direct contact between backers and project creators.

People that like our project can contribute to make it happen.

With other projects, people usually get to choose from a variety of rewards offered by the project creator. We, however, incorporated rewards into the project that not only give our backers something special in return. They all create the project as a whole.

A Fistful of Dollars

In exchange for your contribution we offer a variety of unique rewards.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Claim your very own advertising space on the yacht
  • Get featured in the project video (also being released on DVD), website and printed book
  • Create history with your contribution

Curious? Read on…

The surface of the two hulls and sails of the catamaran provides plenty of space for advertisements.

Claim your own space by backing us. Send your message, brand, portrait, artwork or pretty much anything else you might think of around the world!

We arranged the available space in a “pixel grid” where each pixel measures one square centimeter (roughly one-sixth of a square inch).

The size of your advertising space depends on the amount of money you pledge. One square centimeter is worth one dollar. That is, a buck for roughly one-sixth of a square inch. It’s up to you – you decide how big your space will be and what you put on it.

Each reward, starting at 1 dollar and up, includes the listing of your name in the directory of backers on the project website and in the book! You’ll also have access to exclusive backer updates. The more you pledge, the more you get.

NOTE: Although you may claim 1 square centimeter of space, we recommend against doing so. One “pixel” is hard to see and you can’t really represent anything useful on it. Therefore we suggest you to claim a bigger space in order for your image to be seen in between the others and to be able to show what you want.

Here on the project website we keep the public informed. All updates and news will first be released in our news blog before elsewhere. Also exclusive updates are solely available on the website. This keeps the focus on the site and thus makes it the main source of information about the project and maintains the stream of visitors.

After claiming the reward of choice, each backer will have the possibility to send us the file containing the content for the ad space. Whether it’s an advertisement in the usual sense, or for example, a private person wants to greet the rest of the world with his photo, is totally up to oneself. Be creative.

The sent in image will be placed well in view on the project website. When desired the image can be linked to an individual short-info page (the backer will need to provide the details) or directly to your own website. In any case, everyone that claims his space, regardless of size, is part of the whole undertaking. Wherever we are seen with our yacht, one immediately sees that YOU are involved.

Once we have received the contributed money from the backer, the website will be updated with the new advertisement. This way, the backer receives a part of the claimed reward immediately.

The expected media interest makes this concept very interesting. Each advertisement on the website is viewed directly and the reward serves its purpose right away without first needing to wait until the preparation of the yacht has finished.

Even after the circumnavigation is completed, all pictures, logos, messages and advertisements remain on the hulls respectively the sails of the yacht.

The highlights are logged in detail in the form of text and video. This includes the crowdfunding campaign, preparation of the yacht and crew, handling the advertisements, press conferences, departure, circumnavigation, dental treatments, events, flights with the FIB, and finally the arrival.

All these recordings will be available bundled together in a book and video, printed, as download and on DVD.

For a fistful of dollars your advertising effect is guaranteed for years!

Our t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and caps represent particularly attractive advertising spaces, as we are wearing these items and so are always in the focus of the viewer. However, this is subject to availability, because there is only a limited amount of space that can be claimed and is therefore on a first come, first served basis.

International attention is being drawn to the project through its uniqueness and the events we are organizing throughout the duration of the undertaking. Further information on this topic can be found here on our website.

We provide you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of the first round-the-world sailing advertising medium. Back the project at any level that works for you. Together we’ll make history!

These rewards not only give backers something special in return. They all create the project as a whole.

Sign up for the newsletter and we’ll let you know when the crowdfunding campaign is going to be launched. Remember, you can help us now already by sharing this project with your friends. This will be of great help to get the word out.

Claim your reward by spreading the word

It’s simple – refer as many friends as you can. When their contributions total at least the value of your desired reward, you’ll get it for free!

How does it work?

Share this project with your friends so they can back our campaign. Drop a message on our crowdfunding campaign website or send us an email containing the names of your referred friends (the name they use on the campaign) and the amount they contributed. At the end of the campaign, we will verify that these people backed our project (canceling doesn't count) and let you know the total amount raised through your efforts.

The campaign includes “Campaign Insights” with an overview of all contributions. This allows us to run this referral contest and give you rewards for spreading the word.

Get the word out to blogs and other media

Got connections to blogs and journalists? You can get us in touch with newspapers or television channels? Help us to get the word out and boost media visibility. You will be rewarded with your very own ad space on the catamaran! Say hello on our socials or send us an email. Let's talk. We look forward to hearing from you.

A sailing piece of art

Because everyone designs his claimed space differently in shape and color, the whole yacht gets a very interesting artistic touch. Once the entire hulls and the sails of the yacht are covered all over with hundreds of different creations, it’ll be a sight to behold. The viewer is then presented a “sailing artwork” which he will never forget.

The memory-effect is guaranteed. People will remember the presented imagery and communicated messages. This objective of our undertaking is thus achieved.

The sailing yacht with all the contributed advertisements will be an eye-catcher for sure! But we are going to further leverage the public interest. Read on to find out more…

The Flying Inflatable Boat

The “hit” will be the FIB (Flying Inflatable Boat), a propeller-powered ultralight aircraft that consist of a stable inflatable boat, 64 HP two-stroke engine and wing construction, which enables the inflatable boat to take off with up to two persons. As the FIB is an amphibious vehicle, it can land on water and the ground. The FIB will mainly be used to bring the dentist to hard-to-reach areas. We will also take aerial photos for the book! One person of the crew will be responsible for flying the FIB.

The advertisement space

All logos, photos, messages, etc. we receive from you will be precisely coordinated via computer by a specialized company and applied to a high quality graphic film in full color by means of a special printing process.

This graphic film will then be applied to the thoroughly cleaned hulls of our yacht by the staff of this company over days of laborious manual labor. After a few days the adhesive is cured to the extent that the whole film is additionally coated with a surface protection film.

This expensive and time consuming procedure prevents premature fading and damage of the printed material.

The company guarantees us a durability of the attached film of up to 6 years.

Through a special process the print respectively the film is 100% resistant to salt water and the effects of sunlight.

Therefore all sent in images will be clearly visible even after years.

The finances

With the financial resources, which we receive through crowdfunding, we will finance the circumnavigation and all things involved in the mission. The higher the budget, the longer we can pursue our mission.

If the financial situation permits, we would like to take a FIB (see “The flying inflatable boat” for further explanation) along with our circumnavigation.

Expenses that need to be paid out of the crowdfunding funds are e.g. running costs of the yacht that arise from operating, maintenance, repair, new acquisitions (sails, machine parts, etc.), insurances, fuel, harbor dues, provisions and the like.

A small cost calculation:

  • Purchase price of the yacht:
    280,000 Euros
  • Costs for maintenance of the yacht and insurance:
    approx. 35,000 Euros per year
  • Costs of living for 3 persons:
    18,000 Euros per year
  • Dental material supplies:
    approx. 15,000 Euros per year
  • Acquisition of the FIB:
    approx. 35,000 Euros
  • Entire digital printing and application of the adhesive film and protection film, including all materials and wages:
    approx. 35,000 Euros
  • Printing of the sails surface with your logos, etc.:
    approx. 28,000 Euros
  • Mobile dental clinic equipment incl. patient chair, x-ray unit, sterilizer, instruments:
    approx. 79,000 Euros

Now everybody is asked to participate! To support us with this challenge go and claim the reward that works for you once the crowdfunding campaign is live and send us your logo, photo, or whatever you want your space to represent.

The sailing yacht

In order to achieve the largest possible surprising “wow factor” at the sight of our yacht and furthermore to get the biggest possible advertising space, we decided ourselves for a 15 meter (52 feet) Lagoon 500 catamaran.

It was chosen deliberately as this type of yacht is built particularly stable and meets our requirements. With good care this relatively young yacht will retain its value and serve its purpose for many years without major investments.

It's constructed with infusion moulding on a balsa sandwich frame and fibre glass skin.

This kind of construction does not require the amount of maintenance and care such as wooden or steel yachts would need, saving costs, hassle and poses fewer risks in the long run. No matter what kind of material a yacht is built of, all are prone to the effects of salt water and the sun. But, for example, steel yachts are vulnerable to rust. Wooden yachts are at risk in waters where the Teredo Navalis (naval shipworm) can be found.

The catamaran has a 4 cabin layout, as we are going to offer charter trips during the circumnavigation to further support the financing of the project.

Below you find the layout and specifications.

Yacht specifications:

Type of ship:Catamaran
Material:Fibre glass skin / Resin on balsa frame
Deck:Non-slip white gel coat
Length overall:15.84 m / 52 ft
Beam:8.60 m / 28'3"
Draft:1.50 m / 4'11"
Engines:2x 54 HP / 2x 40 kW, diesel
Mainsail area:101 m2 / 1087 ft2
Water capacity:960 l / 253 gal
Fuel capacity:992 l / 262 gal
Holding tanks:4x 73 l / 4x 19 gal
Cabins:4, all en-suite shower and WC
  • Completely air-conditioned (warm/cold)
  • Life raft for 10 persons
  • Life vests
  • SAT phone
  • Multifunctional displays
  • VHF
  • HF radio
  • GPS
  • Autopilot
  • Radar
  • Sonar
  • Weatherfax
  • Watermaker 125 l/h
  • Fully equipped pantry
  • 2 big fridges and 1 freezer
  • 100-liter warm water boiler
  • 48 KvA generator
  • Electric anchor winch
  • Hydraulic bowthruster
  • Bauer diving air compressor
  • 4x complete diving equipment with 5-liter diving cylinders
  • Washing machine / Dryer
  • Fully equipped for worldwide travel.
  • EC Certified. Built according to highest standards.

The sailing route

Here’s the provisional sailing route to give you an impression of our circumnavigation:

Mallorca - Gibraltar - Madeira - Cape Verde - Barbados - Martinique - Grenada - Trinidad - Venezuela - ABC-Islands - Panama - Galapagos Islands - Marquesas - Tahiti - Fiji - Tonga - New Zealand - Australia - Indonesia - India - Sri Lanka - Maldives - Seychelles - Madagascar - South Africa - Namibia - Cape Verde - Canaries - Mallorca

Additional destinations are:

French Guiana, Puerto Rico, Dom Rep, Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Samoa, New Caledonia, Amazonas, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam.

Every time we reach one of our planned harbors, we’ll receive the local press for interviews. The whole area will be on its feet to admire the legendary sailing Litfaß column.

Our whole trip around the world is digitally documented and can be followed on our website and social networks like facebook.


With a circumnavigation not only maritime know-how is required. Despite all the knowledge and experience, high-quality equipment is decisive for the success. The wish list is long, the budget limited. As a sponsor you have the possibility to have your qualitatively first-class products tested on a journey around the globe with us. Circumnavigators meet up all over the world’s oceans to exchange their views. Here we could promote the benefits of your products in sailing communities, where many nations are represented.

The sponsoring also includes equipment for the mobile dental clinic on board.

After the end of the circumnavigation we will publish a book via Amazon containing reports about the whole tour as well as all sponsors and backers, in which we, with your permission, could also write about the importance and advantages of the products sponsored by you. In addition, your company logo will be placed clearly visible on the hulls or sails surface of our yacht, providing a high level of exposure. With your sponsorship you contribute to the safety and success of the project “Sailing Litfaß Column”.

Sponsorship opportunities:

Sponsoring us allows brands to have exposure for the entire duration of the project and to leave a lasting impression.

The following list shows some opportunities of sponsorship. This does not imply that these are the only possibilities. Please contact and tell us your idea of a sponsorship. We’re confident that together we can make a tailor made sponsorship that fits your brands philosophy and marketing objectives.

  • Donate your product
  • Provide a product on loan during the project
  • Give us discounts or sell at the manufacturer’s price
  • Monetary donations (See crowdfunding rewards, advertisement on the sailing Litfaß column)

An interesting project that brings many benefits to all

After the end of the circumnavigation, all names of our backers (partially with photo respectively logo) will be published in a big illustrated book.

Also the documented journey on DVD as well as the book will be made available through Amazon.

All sale proceeds allow us to continue our social engagement.

All in all, the project “Sailing Litfaß column” is an interesting undertaking that brings many benefits for everyone involved.

We have done our best in the run-up. Now it’s up to all of you! Help us get our project off to a good start. Without you, it will not succeed. Please support us in this unique event.

“One for all and all for the sailing Litfaß column”

Got questions?

In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us.